Hush! You’ll Wake the Dead!

In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

FuneralParlr1950The worst job I could ever imagine would be an undertaker, a mortician. I could not be surrounded by such sadness day in and day out. My wild imagination would not allow me to be at the funeral home alone – ever! I would need someone (living of course) to be at my side constantly. And I am sure, even with a companion, I would see ghosts and hear moans and groans, whether they were real or not!

Any other job would be a step up from the mortician, even a septic pumper would be better, but I would not last long at that job either.

bakery1Let me sell donuts and cakes and strudels in a bakery instead, where women visit with their children and everyone is smiling – and breathing.



7 responses to “Hush! You’ll Wake the Dead!

  1. Yeah. The breathing part is very important.

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    I may be doing this wrong but best way to learn.. I cannot remember the word right now my word processor is acting up silly mind but the guy who cuts up bodies after death I have trouble with thinking too much I passed out getting a tattoo , passed out after giving blood not because of the loss of blood but because I thought about it the worst one was passing out in Vancouver general because I thought too much about the needle in my friends arm. I did manage to skin an animal once took a supreme effort.. to dissect a person to even think of doing so makes my vision foggy I handled my ex giving birth no problem wow did I get heck for eating a sugary snack to offset feelings of nausea riddle me that one … but I do not watch doctors at work on peoples insides on tv or movies.. so what ever quincy was I would never ever wish to be pathologist, medical examiner, coroner finally uhhhmeahh yuch gottsta stop thinking now


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  4. Excellent question…I could not, would not work at a slaughterhouse.

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