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I have to share my newest Bloggin Buddy’s post here… I hope you find him as brilliant as I do! 😀


ok first time for everything so I keep this a bit short and work my way thru. I am no longer surprised the world runs the way it does -it takes all kinds and boy do we have a variety. never mind the classic type a or b-z personality or passive/aggressive ,assertive typecasting. I come to the conclusion laf caused by a concussion that there are two main types which get classed into categories endlessly -those who like it the way it is and those poor souls who insist on trying to make a difference. must be nice to sit back and just go with the flow but I am inflicted with the gnawing urge to fix anything and everything and if it aint broke I can fix that too, quite happily. I have a pet theory that those seeking change may possibly have suffered a brain injury or trama early…

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