Sample of Before and After Using Gimp

Reworked CE5 Clearomizer:



These photos are samples of how to make a new photo look old, using Gimp.

I’m writing a tutorial at another blog.


© Original Photographer Unknown


I am not making any claim to the original photograph. I am only claiming that I created the illusion of an old, damaged photograph using GIMP.



And yet another photo which I need displayed at another blog…



2 responses to “Sample of Before and After Using Gimp

  1. just wondering how you are doing


    • Hey Julia! My life is resembling a country & western song… the dogs are sick, my husband is falling apart, my cat hates me and the doctor visits just keep on coming. I’m hoping to have a few moments this afternoon to update my blog, especially my calendars, as a sort of reference point for all of this nonsense!

      Thanks for checking in! I’m so glad to see you are back, I must head over to your blog and see what you have been up to! 😀


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