Country Living

Gosh, it’s the first day of May and I realize I had not written to my blog nor read my friends’ blogs in more than two weeks. What have I been doing?


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I have been following doctor’s orders and not raising my arms above my head, not lifting nor pushing anything heavy, although I did burn a few piles of brush we had from broken trees in our backyard and that was an ordeal.


© Swoosieque
Our backyard adjacent to the 80 acre woods.

We live on 1.33 acres of land which abuts in the back onto an eighty acre woods. I do love having the woods behind us for seeing many creatures pass through, like whole families of does and spotted fawns, wild turkeys, opossums, owls, bats, foxes, flying squirrels, rabbits, skunks and snakes. The latter two species of which I would be happy if they re-located. Oh, but how could I have forgotten to mention my one sighting of a gorgeous cougar, which are not indigenous to our area.


© Unknown

I love the quietness of country-living, the varied melodies of birds, especially the ever-unique songs of the mockingbird and the fluttering wings of hummingbirds. All of these creatures’ ballads cause my spirit to feel peaceful, even the haunting harmonies of the owl who perches outside my bedroom window nightly makes me feel as though Nature is bidding me a good-night.


© Swoosieque
Front side yard of our home.

With all of these feathered friends who visit my yard and feeders, none have built homes in our six maple trees, they seem to prefer our Blackjack Oaks in which to build their homes. This was good news since during my absence from writing and reading blogs, we chose to have our Maple trees cut down for cautionary reasons. Two of the three largest trees were threatening damage to our home with their close proximity. One of those trees already did damage by spreading its roots under our home, finding its way and climbing upward, into a toilet drain, clogging it!

After using a plumbing rooter to no avail, my husband unhappily removed the toilet and discovered roots climbing up, on the outside of the drain and then downwards, on the inside of the drain. He cut the roots and we poured root killer on the roots that were still on the outside of the drain and he returned the toilet to its position. That was a few years ago when we should have cut the blasted trees down after that one warning, but, hubby said, “No.” I am beginning to think he prefers to avoid handyman work which is an unfortunate attitude when living in the country.


© Swoosieque

Yesterday, the last of the Maples was cut down. The tree cutters are going to come back tonight to move the brush into even-sized piles which I will work away at snipping the branches into smaller pieces for my burn piles.

With the eighty acres behind us, I have been accused of being overly cautious when it comes to burning leaves and brush. My attitude is that it is wiser to be safe than sorry, and I am pretty sure that all of my little woodland friends agree with me.


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2 responses to “Country Living

  1. It sounds like your home is a lot like ours, though the oaks are our dominant tree. I wish we had more maples, but the oaks have grown so tall and formed such a solid canopy, the shorter trees don’t get enough sun and most have more or less given up. Also, your woods looks a lot more accessible than ours which get totally choked by blackberry brambles by the end of may. Wicked things, blackberry brambles. But the birds and bunnies and squirrels like them.


    • From many of the photographs you post, I was fairly certain you also lived in a rural setting. We hated to cut down the trees, but it could be so terribly expensive if the roots damaged our septic’s lateral lines.

      I’ll be working on burning the brush and maybe by next year, we might have grass growing! It was too shady to grow anything remotely similar to grass.


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