Attention Carnivores – If You Eat Beef …

MorgueFileBeef2It has come to my attention that a massive beef recall for 8,742,700 pounds of beef is underway and although the initial recall was initiated in February, the USDA is still adding to the list of locales that need to be alerted. This “Class 1” recall is a health hazard that “will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.”

To view a listing of contaminated products click here. To see if your grocery store is included in the contaminated area, click here.

Without screaming like Chicken Little that the sky is falling, I would like to bang a few heads to bring attention to what is going on in our food industries, especially the genocide of our honeybees. Colonies continue to die while scientists frantically search for an answer to the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ for a cure. Although it may not be noticeable yet as decorative flowers still bloom in your flowerbeds and small vegetable gardens pollinate and produce, time may be running out. If these little guys die off, mankind will neither be vegetarian nor carnivore since all meat-bearing animals would die off due to lack of food sources for them.

How much longer can mankind look the other way while Mother Earth and her creatures scream out to the “most intelligent” species to stop polluting, stop playing god and start healing her?

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21 responses to “Attention Carnivores – If You Eat Beef …

  1. Nice, for once, to NOT be on the list!


    • Really? You are so lucky! Pretty much every town in our State is listed and my local grocery stores. Now to go through the freezer – thank God I label everything before I freeze it!


  2. Well said. I worry about the bee population and as much as those little critters scare me (flying needles, they are) I’m totally aware at how uber important they are.

    Also.. did you just see that article where some family ate meat contaminated with LSD?! Freaky deaky.


    • What? LSD? Gheez, what’s this world coming to?

      There’s also an article about where mad cows (of the mad cow disease era) were slaughtered and their crushed bones were used in fertilizer and sold around the world causing all sorts of problems. I have to try to remember where I read that and post that one too.

      I’m scared of bees but in my garden last year, they didn’t bother me and they were happy and feeding on the flowers from my cantaloupes. I think I’ll plant cantaloupes this year just to keep the bees happy, they really loved that!


  3. It’s horrible, what we are doing to the planet. I hope we can save the bees. I’m allergic to bees but I still want them around!!


  4. That is a crazy amount of meat. And that’s just from ONE distributor. This he first I’ve heard of the bee issue. This is not good. Thank you for bringing it to light.


  5. The honey bee situation is frightening. You’re right, our planet is in dire straits : (

    My partner and I have a limited income, but we never cut corners on food. We only eat local and/or organic produce, or stuff that we grow ourselves. And we don’t buy industrially farmed meat. We purchase grass-fed beef, and free range chicken from local farms and co- ops.


    • So many of us are being earth-conscious these days but I see part of the problem is low-income families who cannot afford healthier (organic, locally grown) food choices.

      I believe the bottom line is corporate greed.


  6. I saw the bee documentary, & it scared me. I hope we can stop hurting the planet.


    • It scares me too because other than supporting local, organic farmers, doing my part with recycling and using eco-friendly cleaning products, I don’t know how else I can help. Nevertheless, we all need to be aware of what’s happening.


  7. It’s amazing how widespread this was. It’s a bit sad to realize that our food is no longer local or even regional.


  8. It’s crazy all the problems we’re creating from our factory farming system. destroying the planet so a few corporations can make outrageous profits. I hadn’t heard about this recall.


    • Our local news carried the story in February but I somehow missed it, I’m glad I ran across it now and was able to share, especially due to the huge affected areas!


  9. Humans—the most effective virus on the planet, eh? I still think there’s hope for us, though. I think we’re slowly becoming more aware of the impact we’re having on the world around us. The question is whether we’re waking up fast enough.


    • I believe you, the younger generation, is much more earth-conscious than my generation; I know that my own grown children try to be aware of their impact on nature for their children’s sake but, I don’t think it’s as simple as that.


  10. I like to think that we’re headed in the right direction. Where I am, it’s getting a little easier to find grass fed beef, organic veg, etc, as more people come around, but then I read something like this and it all feels hopeless again.


    • That’s hopeful that in your area it’s getting easier to find grass fed beef and organic vegetables, small steps build mighty foundations and that’s what we need, to re-build society’s thinking about our food source.


  11. Amen sister! You are a honey of a gal for taking up the cause of the honeybee. so wish our culture mirrored theirs.


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