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Attention Carnivores – If You Eat Beef …

MorgueFileBeef2It has come to my attention that a massive beef recall for 8,742,700 pounds of beef is underway and although the initial recall was initiated in February, the USDA is still adding to the list of locales that need to be alerted. This “Class 1” recall is a health hazard that “will cause serious, adverse health consequences or death.”

To view a listing of contaminated products click here. To see if your grocery store is included in the contaminated area, click here.

Without screaming like Chicken Little that the sky is falling, I would like to bang a few heads to bring attention to what is going on in our food industries, especially the genocide of our honeybees. Colonies continue to die while scientists frantically search for an answer to the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ for a cure. Although it may not be noticeable yet as decorative flowers still bloom in your flowerbeds and small vegetable gardens pollinate and produce, time may be running out. If these little guys die off, mankind will neither be vegetarian nor carnivore since all meat-bearing animals would die off due to lack of food sources for them.

How much longer can mankind look the other way while Mother Earth and her creatures scream out to the “most intelligent” species to stop polluting, stop playing god and start healing her?

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A wearable bra designed to spot early signs of breast cancer

While visiting my favorite blogs this morning, I ran across this article at a breast cancer surgeon’s blog and think it is a very interesting idea:

A wearable bra designed to spot early signs of breast cancer readies for clinical trials.

Oh, on another note, for those who are “pink-minded”, I think I can safely claim that no “pink-dollars” led to this development. Just sayin’… R&D will cure breast cancer, not the color pink.