Threes – The Birth of Son #3

Weekly Writing Challenge: Threes
Dpchallenge In this week’s writing challenge, you’ll write a post using three photographs for inspiration.

The thought for my three-paragraph story based upon three photos came to me instantaneously when I saw Cardinal Guzman’s set of three photos as part of the group of photos we might use. Thank you to Cardinal for this series of fine photographs!

~ ~ ~


© Cardinal Guzman

“Could it be true? Could these pains really be labor?” I thought to myself while clearing breakfast dishes from the table, trying to remember how labor began with Jim and Rick, my three and four year olds. For me, labor back pain is unique from any other back pain and I soon admitted that I was in labor by announcing to my husband and houseguests that we must be on our way to the hospital – a twenty minute drive.


© Cardinal Guzman

Natural birthing was very popular in 1978, the year of this, my story, this, the birth of my third son. I was familiar with natural birthing since that is how Rick, my second son was born, unlike the birth of my first son when I was administered a hypodermic needle – a drug which stopped labor and prolonged the birthing process. I remembered being concerned for my baby, being “stuck” in the birth canal and worried that it might harm him. Since then, I swore that I would never take any drugs which might harm my baby. And so it was that I refused any pain medication as labor intensified with this, the birth of my third child.


© Cardinal Guzman

The labor was grueling, I will admit to that, especially since my baby was a whopping nine pounds thirteen ounces, just three ounces shy of ten pounds. That was a very large baby for a woman my size, five foot two, un-pregnant weight at one hundred five pounds. Somehow, I controlled my perception of the pain by focusing on an inanimate object, a clock on the wall. Six hours later, with my husband witnessing the birth, our third son arrived. My husband shined with joy as he proclaimed, “This was incredible! But I forgot my glasses, next time, I have to remember to wear my glasses!”


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16 responses to “Threes – The Birth of Son #3

  1. THe only ideas I have, are the greatest respect for you and your principles,and a solemn reminder to your husband to carry spectacles at all times! 😛


  2. Love the story, as well as your endurance. It’s very tough to refuse the drugs, and, for me, frankly, my husband being there and being able to scream/mildly swear and sing loudly and out-of-tune got me through our first difficult-ish childbirth. In a way, I guess it was kind of liberating, because I don’t get to scream or swear in public.Thanks for sharing such a private event, too! 🙂


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  5. Sounds like quite an ordeal! I’m very glad that I don’t have to go through the pain. Thanks for sharing your story and I hope all your kids are doing well!


  6. Wow nearly 10 pounds huh? Must have been really tough.


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  8. This is a great recollection. Your husband is hilarious! Was there a next time? I want to give a natural birth too… five to ten years down the line.


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