My Grown-up Crush

Coming of age in the late 1960’s, I was influenced by the look of the Beatles and their ‘long’ hair, Twiggy and her outlandish eye makeup, mini-skirts, Woodstock, women’s lib, David Cassidy, Davey Jones and I am sure, many more celebrities of the day.

Even though I liked Paul McCartney as my favorite Beatle, I thought his eyes were dreamy, I never bought a poster of him to hang in my room nor did I buy such teen magazines as Tiger Beat or whatever other teen periodicals were popular back then. I did not come from a privileged family and magazines, records and memorabilia were considered extravagances, which was too bad for me since many Beatles’ memorabilia are valuable collector items these days.

As I grew up and older, my attractions became focused on real-life male peers rather than pop idols. Other than an appreciation for Brad Pitt’s good looks, especially when he appeared in Thelma and Louise, and George Clooney, who gets better with age, my celebrity fascinations remained limited…

ian-somerhalderAnd then, while searching for something to watch on t.v. during a recent layup with a sinus infection, I watched an episode of The Vampire Diaries. Suddenly, I remembered the girlish sighs, daydreams and infatuation of youth as my eyes beheld the image of Ian Somerhalder, my brand new, one and only, grown-up crush! 

No kidding, when I first saw Somerhalder, I had to Google his name to see if he was Rob Lowe’s son. Somerhalder’s resemblance to Lowe is uncanny. Adding to his good looks, the character he plays as bad-boy vampire Damon, adds to his allure. His eyes and chiseled jaw line are works of art and so nice to look at, truly, his face is eye candy.

I still do not buy magazines, especially the teen ones, nor do I decorate my home with posters, but, I just may change my desktop wallpaper to an image of Somerhalder and remember, even for a few brief moments what fun schoolgirl crushes were.


6 responses to “My Grown-up Crush

  1. I loooooved Tiger Beat etc in the 70s-80s. But you have a Tumblr, right? I’ll say no more, first rule of Tumblr, do not talk about Tumblr….But Tumblr and fellow fans I found over there are the best distraction and stress reliever I’ve known.


  2. I had a bit of a crush on Marlon Brando (so brooding and sensitive!) and Harry Belafonte, whose records I was quite swoony over. But I didn’t have the posters or the magazines either. I never had spare change for either and honestly, never thought about it. In my world, most of us shared a bedroom with a sibling (my sister), so we didn’t have personal spaces to decorate. And I still don’t hang posters, except for a couple we have framed. Maybe it’s a generational thing.


  3. Same here, never had a bedroom to myself growing up. I think families were larger back then, I came from where I was one of six children and there were only three bedrooms.

    Brando, I can see it, kind of although he was just a little bit before my time, BUT, I did have a deep fondness for Johnny Mathis, I thought his voice was heavenly.


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