Wishing for Breast Cancer??? WRONG APPROACH!!

After tossing and turning for a few hours in bed with insomnia, I decided to surrender to consciousness, grab a cup of coffee and see what’s new in the blogging world.  The first post I ran across stopped me in my tracks.  I wanted to re-blog from Heather’s blog but I don’t know how to do that since the post was already a re-blog.  So, here’s the link to Heather’s post that caught my attention.

This advertisement is a disgusting way to gain attention:




3 responses to “Wishing for Breast Cancer??? WRONG APPROACH!!

  1. And here I will say, as I have on the original post — be very careful what you wish for. There’s nothing to say that just because you’ve survived ONE cancer, you won’t get a different one. They are not mutually exclusive. Then, there’s heart disease. Be very very careful what you wish for.


  2. Sickening.

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