Smiley-face Stalker?


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With too many house-projects needing my attention today, I only had a few minutes to browse through some blogs and was ready to leave cyberspace until I noticed this little smiley-face guy in the very bottom, lower corner of my screen, on my blog page. I never noticed this before and I think it’s kind of creepy to have a smiley-face appear on my blog that I did not put there.

Am I being stalked?

Is this some kind of hack?

Does anyone else have one of these guys?



8 responses to “Smiley-face Stalker?

  1. There’s one on my blog, too, in the exact same place as yours. It appeared after I switched themes a while ago, so I always assumed it was just part of the theme. Maybe your theme was made by the same person, and they just do that to all of them?


    • I was wondering about that. I’ve had this theme right from the start though, but, sometimes I’m not so observant, so, I’ll go with your explanation, it makes sense!
      Thanks so much for commenting! I’m feeling much better now. 😀


  2. I’ve seen it too! But have not made any mental connections of how or when I’ve seen it. It’s cute, but too weird, so I just try to get away from it.


    • Yeah, now that I’m not scared of it and I see it on Mrs. Roberson’s blog page in the exact location, I think she’s right that it’s kind of the signature of whomever made the template. So, not I think it’s cute! 😀


  3. Maybe it’s a windows 8 thing. I don’t see anything like it and you start sceen doesn’t look anything like mine. Very different.


    • Hahaha, this computer is my tower and it’s running good ol’ WinXP! That’s probably why my start screen looks weird. 😉 I think Mrs. Roberson figured it out because it’s on her blog too, probably the designer’s ‘signature’.


  4. No creepy smiley faces on mine, just my stupid grin lol


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