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Write, write, re-write…

A few years ago, I had the bright idea of writing a story and having it published at Amazon’s self-publishing venue. I knew the story I would tell, very well, it was based on a period of my life which changed my life forever. I, of course, thought the story would make for good reading and began to write… and then I blocked. And then I forced myself to write and the writing was as if a stranger had possessed my body without access to my memories and was writing junk! I gave up on the story and found other creative ways to express myself until lately.

writing rewritingMaybe it’s because of having had cancer that I decided to re-visit that all-important, life-changing episode in my life and try again to write about it. So, I tried. And I tried again, and again, and again. I have written and re-written, changed and unchanged the first chapter, I’m not even sure it’s a chapter yet, it’s NOT, I know it’s not because there’s so much more to fit into it according to my outline. I have probably written 15,000 words to arrive at 1,200 words that really, really fit my first chapter, at least the first part of my first chapter.

I think I’m bummed out because my second surgery is approaching in four weeks. I wish I could un-block and just write.


Daily Prompt: Red – or Why Did They Hire Me?

Daily Prompt: Isn’t Your Face Red When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment?

or – Why Did They Hire Me?

Some years ago, I was job hunting after my previous job was dissolved due to downsizing.  My boss sold his four Exxon gas stations to become a private landlord.  He bought five or six houses near the university, began renovating and then renting to students.  He was happy with his new and profitable endeavor and not having to answer to corporate Exxon or anybody.


Copyright: Unknown

Meanwhile, I had an appointment to interview with a local landscaping company as Office Manager.  I put my favorite long-sleeved, button-down shaped-to-fit black dress on and looked very professional. The dress was business-like but the best part was that it was comfortable.

My interview with the owner of the company went well and I was hired on the spot. He introduced me to his Foreman, the General Manager, his father, and told me to be there at eight in the morning to start work.  They each welcomed me so warmly, like I had never been welcomed anywhere before, ever! I shook his hand and with a big smile walked out to my car. 

I was so happy; I had a good feeling about the place and the people until I set my purse on the passenger seat and noticed that the first two buttons on my “business-like” dress had come undone, exposing my very pretty black bra and its spillage!!  UGH!


Copyright: Unknown

Quickly, I buttoned my dress and left the parking lot, feeling the color of red intensify on my face the whole drive home.

Before EVER wearing that dress again, I shortened the button-holes, ensuring they would NEVER pop open again!


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