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The Chain Writing Game V6.0 Ep:22

Have you ever taken part in a writing chain?

Kerrie Salsac has created a novel writing challenge. Head over to her place to take a look.  You can see all the rules there too.

chain-writing-game (1)

Here is my second submission for The Wall


“Yeah, Ass Bowl, that is what they call you, isn’t it? ASS BOWL!” Jadir sneered. “You’ve got company!”

Within the blink of an eye, Asshuluk’Bol collapsed, leaving a gooey substance beneath the crusty shell. The neurolator which had not been secured went spinning through the air, heading straight for Jadir’s outreached hands.

“Got it!” He whispered to himself.

“Hold it right there!” a familiar voice commanded him.

Turning around, he saw Eliya pointing that weird stone/metal weapon at him.

“Wait!” He shouted, “It’s me, Jadir!” but in all the excitement, he forgot that he had shape-shifted to look like Asshuluk’Bol.