Did You Know?

Sex trafficking is not just a third-world problem. It happens right here, right in your home state/province. See what one brave woman, a survivor, is doing to educate and fight back against this horrendous problem in Charlotte, N.C.


There are 30 million slaves worldwide today

1 in 10 teens run away

1 in 3 of those teens are approached by a trafficker or a pimp within the first 48 hours

Over 5,000 at risk teens in Charlotte, NC

Major sporting events and conferences bring an increase in trafficking (NCAA, PGA,CIAA,DNC,NFL)

Average age of entry into sex trafficking is 13

Sex trafficking is the second largest illicit business in the world

We have more people in the human slave industry now than we have ever had during any other point in history

This is a very difficult subject – I know this from the comments and emails and texts I get from these blog posts I have written. What if? What if it were your daughter, your sister, or your friend that was involved? Would you do something then? Would you take some time to volunteer or donate some…

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