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The Beginning of a Happy Ending

Writing Taunts – Tell us about something you’ve tried to quit. Did you go cold turkey, or for gradual change? Did it stick?


Happy Endings
The Circles of my Life

My life as a compilation of circles of events shows the journey of life-stages. Each stage-of-life repeats lessons until learned, then expands/branches off into a new circle – such as infancy learns all lessons associated with it then expands, arrives at a happy ending as it branches off into a new circle – childhood.

Each stage of my life is filled with sub-circles, lessons appropriate for that particular life-stage being lived. Not every circle, or life-lesson, concludes with a happy ending, in fact, some appear to conclude as un-happy endings at the time, still necessary for evolution to the next life-stage and as a whole, contributes to each happy ending.

My circles intersect, can be traced back to the very first circle, my very first ‘happy ending’ – being born, when I ‘quit’ being a fetus. On the day of my birth, I went ‘cold turkey’ and plunged into this world headfirst and so far, being birthed has stuck.