Echocardiogram a.k.a. Ultrasound of the Heart


Echocardiogram Copyright: Unknown

The results are in (011514). The echocardiogram is normal. Whew, this is great news! Results from all the blood tests are in as well. My cholesterol is teetering on the high side, but nothing that cannot be controlled by losing weight and exercising. This is good news, especially since I told the doctor during our initial visit that I did not want to take any pills. I think it is always better if you can heal yourself with changes to behavior and habits.

I also began an earnest effort to include vegetables with every meal. I  ordered the Ninja Pro blender to replace the Oster blender I currently use to make morning smoothies. I have also “tried” to start a walking regimen on my treadmill, but that must wait until I find out why I am in such pain when I try to walk. I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, the 21st, hopefully some diagnostic tests, x-rays or CT Scan, will be ordered.

I must confess, I am worried. I have read too many stories about women who think they are clear of cancer, after mastectomies, only to find they have cancer somewhere else and the indicator was pain in their hips.

I do not want to live the rest of my life in fear. Nor do I want to live the rest of my life as a hypochondriac, but, maybe I will for just a little while until I have these aches and pains checked out and dismissed.

The truth is, yes, I am scared. That is the first and last time I will ever admit that.


Original Photo Copyright: Unknown

Now, excuse me while I pull up my big girl panties and brush off those crumbs of fear.


8 responses to “Echocardiogram a.k.a. Ultrasound of the Heart

  1. Ok, so here is another piece of advice for you….go to my blog and search in the search bar for a blog called “getting hit by the bus”….maybe this will help your mind calm down a little. You cannot worry about what you cannot control – and you cannot let cancer steal one more moment of your joy. Whether you worry or not – the cancer either will or won’t come back – and either way, you have wasted your valubale time worrying! Please read my blog post – I hope it helps, what I wrote about cured my worrying OVERNIGHT!


  2. I do not think that a there is a cancer survivor anywhere that doesn’t wonder if whatever is bothering them is a symptom of undiscovered cancer. It really does come with the territory. A lot of people (think Woody Allen) who have not had cancer are also convinced they have cancer. It’s scary, doubly so when you actually have a good reason to be scared and aren’t a hypchondriac.

    The pain in your hips is more likely burisits or arthritis. Mine is bursitis, but is the result of the arthritis in my spine, a problem that predates the cancer and will be with me forever. I’ve currently got laryngitis, so I’m wondering if I have lung cancer … except I had a check xray in November and my oncologist says “not a chance” and also that the funny thing on my skin isn’t cancer , it’s good old dermatitis.

    You will always think whatever is bothering you is cancer. It’s a reflex. It doesn’t matter whose panties you wear.


  3. What Marilyn said. I’m still getting used to having my abdomen feel “weird” after the TRAM flap, and every little odd feeling is not a hernia, or God forbid, uterine cancer. But we do seem to go there…


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