Blogging Buddies


*Julia Verbatim *Debi Warford – Adventures *The Cancer Curmudgeon
*Perspectives on Life… *Serendipity
*Pink Lemons *Tammy Carmona *Chemobrain and More
*Lisa Adams *Cancer in my Thirties Adder Catter
*Nancy’s Point *Debbie Pink Strong *Random Reflections
*Elevated Risk *Literary Pinup *Hermyleen My Ex Cancer
The World Outside The Window Whispered Words A Holistic Journey
Jittery Goat Dreaming The World SPIRIT – Spirit bath
The Library Lady The Write Verbarian 6 Word Memoirs
A Mom’s Blog Alice What’s the Matter Hacker Ninja Hooker Spy
Dark Circles Etc. Cat in Water Reading Girl
Fight for Rhinos For My Tomorrow Cult Fit
Laura Renegar #Gealach Mor Kennel BiBruce Productions
Hippie Cahier I Go I See
Don Charisma Mama Bear Musings Gift from the Heart
Morgan Photography

12 responses to “Blogging Buddies

  1. Interesting project. I have about 1000 followers who never visit at all far as I can tell. I always wonder why they follow me, to what purpose. If your research uncovers the truth, I’m all ears (so to speak).


    • I’m not sure, but right now I think the “following” is just a reciprocal practice with no real advantage except maybe for other followers to investigate and perhaps follow one’s blog (linkbacks). Do you reciprocate with everyone who follows you?

      It would be interesting to know whether or not a high number of followers would give a higher ranking in search engines, like Google. I should know this because a couple of years ago I did, for a very short time, “Search Engine Analysis”. That was a tedious, job, too tedious for me.


  2. Thank you so much for including me in your list! I really need to post more often. I don’t comment much because I usually can’t add anything to what you’ve already said…


  3. I’m bad at commenting on blogs… I used to be much better at it, but it seems that the more blogs I follow, the less I end up commenting. That doesn’t mean I’m not reading, though, and I’m glad to be on your list!


  4. Sometimes I miss new posts by everyone. Then I’ll go in for that bone shot, end up in pain and spend the day catching up. You guys are family to me. It’s helps to not go through this crap alone!


    • I feel the same way! I’ve been “gone” for a while (depression) and working my way back, the best medicine is visiting my favorite bloggers. It feel like home.


      • The depression has been at me, as well. For now, it’s a result of the tamoxifen. The holidays were brutal this year, despite a couple of really cool blessings. For me, my facebook friends have been keeping me afloat. We take the blessings where we can…


  5. I agree! I hope your feeling better!!


  6. Great post. I visit all the blogs I follow and try to interact with them. I have been busy lately but I am going to catch up with your blog 🙂


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