Networking Nightmare


Photograph Copyright: Unknown

My networking nightmare today was not quite as involved as this photo implies, but maybe this is how it all played out in my brain as I tried desperately to network my husband’s and my computers so that we can share one printer.

Somehow, I do not know what magic trick finally worked, but, I was able to print from both computers on our newly shared/networked printer.  Ahhh, life is good!



2 responses to “Networking Nightmare

  1. We just do it by installing the driver for the printer on each computer and that’s the way we’ve done it for the last three printers. There were no wires involved. Maybe it depends on the type of printer. We’ve had Canons for the past decade.


    • That didn’t work. I had to make changes to both of our antivirus programs insofar as allowing to share the printer, change some settings in our router and in someplace else, some other setting in our computers. There actually weren’t any wires involved other than the one which connected the printer to my computer. The main thing is that it works, but, because I’m curious about technical things, I am determined to read more and understand this whole networking subject.

      Our computers are hard-wired and OS is Win XP Pro, so, maybe that’s why it’s a little more complicated than the newer operating systems?


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