Spirit Healing


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I am pulling myself out of a depression through writing, which has always been therapeutic for me, yet I’m finding that it is just impossible right now because of falling so far behind in tasks and chores. So, I found a compromise – until I can write content with meaning, I will simply be posting photos with brief one or two sentences of what feelings were evoked when I viewed the photograph.

Today’s photograph, photographer unknown, evoked a memory from years past and what I learned from the experience of giving to someone in urgent need (a car wreck) while I was freshly grieving for my recently deceased husband. Giving truly helped with my own healing.



8 responses to “Spirit Healing

  1. Very sorry for the loss of your husband xxx


  2. I sympathize. I am trying to crawl out of a depression hole, myself. I hope you can at least feel some form of “productivity” in the fact that you are posting SOMETHING. That means a lot because I know how hard it is to sometimes not lift a finger and lie in bed all day with depression. So I am cheering you on. It may not seem like much right now, but I give you huge kudos for doing your best at pushing through as much as you can.


  3. farmerlucydaisy

    Glad you’re back! I recently bought “After Breast Cancer” by Hester Hill Schnipper. It is a great book. I wish I’d had it two years ago. We should go for a cup of tea sometime. If you feel like it PM me on BCO. If not that is fine too. Hugs.


  4. Thanks for visiting and following Dreaming the World and giving me a path to your blog.


  5. I know, sometimes the best way to forget about your own problems is to serve someone else. Writing as you said, is also very theraputic.


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