Cancer Patient Fun

CancerFunOk, I saw this on my facebook and think this is absolutely BRILLIANT and UPLIFTING!! It is simply hysterical, no deep message, no tears, just outstanding funniness…  involving cancer patients!

OH… the first 1:30 minutes are a little boring, it’s AFTER the first minute and a half that things take a turn and get crazy fun, so go ahead and move the slider if you are in a hurry.  

Honestly, this is worth the time to watch it.  It made me feel good! 😀

Here’s the link:



10 responses to “Cancer Patient Fun

  1. That was no ordinary makeover 🙂 I loved the silly wigs. I gave up on wigs. They were hot and I was always sure — usually correctly — that it was crooked and looked stupid. It was. I did. I wore hats. My hair grew back. Yay.


    • Yay! I’ve seen so many women wearing hats that they’ve personalized and switched out, which is the nice thing about hats, a person can own many compared to what one expensive wig might cost. 🙂


  2. Oh man, that video made me tear up– happy tears, I promise! Thanks so much for sharing it!!!


  3. Hi, I have nominated you for an award. It is a loyalty award but I have nominated 5 other bloggers who have inspired me and encouraged me. My post about it is here for more info 🙂


  4. HEY! What’s new in Swoosie-world?


    • Haha! So busy doing menial tasks, and on today’s list is the worst of the worst… paying bills and enduring a liquid diet such as liquid-diet-prior-to-colonoscopy-day. Now, aren’t you glad you asked??? LOL!


  5. Where are you? Everything OK?


    • I’ve been dealing with some depression and lack of energy, am working on achieving a new, more positive attitude, discarding meaningless mementos of the past and organizing what matters, what doesn’t, and figuring out what is “my” life – that part that belonged to me before I became anyone’s wife or mother – the part of me that has been lost so long ago.

      First step to finding “me” is to visit my blogging friends. I hope you are doing well!!


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