From Breast Cancer to Heart Trouble

My demeanor after the whole CT Scan for dyspnea must have sent my spirit plummeting through worry. I stopped my participation in the whole NaNoBloMo event at a mere five days ’til the finish line, that’s as bad as if my son would have quit the military at sixteen years and five stints in active war zones rather than tolerating a few more years to be eligible for retirement. I’m so glad he has more gumption than his Mom, because he just retired this year, after twenty-two years in military service.


Investigating Hiatal Hernias

I spent these last few days reading about hiatal hernias, trying to
convince myself that my problem is not something really serious. I learned that even though my hiatal hernia is considered minute, it just might be causing some of my post-mastectomy problems, like heartburn and shortness of breath, I’m being hopeful.

I did not hear back from my Oncologist to hear her thoughts about that spot on my liver, until I contacted her nurse on Tuesday. He told me that she was not concerned about the cyct-like nodule on my liver and that she is sure that everything is fine, BUT, SHE will phone me that evening to discuss her conclusion with me.

When she phoned, I thanked her but expressed continued concern with my shortness of breath and that I didn’t know where to turn next since my family physician seemed to be “frightened” to deal with my health issues anymore. I told her that maybe I needed a new family physician who might refer me to a lung specialist.

Dr. Theobald disagreed with me and said that she thought my breathing problems must be a result of a heart problem, ‘your lungs are fine and healthy’.

“But, the CT Scan showed that my heart was fine, didn’t it?” I queried.

“No,” she corrected me, “CT Scans are not going to show heart disease. I can refer you to a cardiologist. Let me think about this overnight and I will have Mark (her nurse) phone you tomorrow with the referral information.”

On Wednesday afternoon, after not hearing from the nurse regarding setup of an appointment with a cardiologist, I contacted him. Mark gave me the name of a cardiologist to whom Dr. Theobald referred me, “His office will be phoning you tomorrow or the next day, depending on the weather. If you don’t hear anything from them by Monday, call me and I will put another call in to them.”


Oklahoma Capital

So far, I have not heard anything from the cardiologist’s office. The weather was not bad yesterday, until after lunch time when this winter storm system began moving in. Today, the roads are snow-packed on top of the ice/sleet that fell all afternoon and night, yesterday. I was not expecting to hear from any doctors today since so many businesses and schools are closed, the roads were very treacherous this morning. I’ll phone Nurse Mark on Monday, which is going to be the start of a busy, busy week with one visit to the plastic surgeon and a colonoscopy on Friday.  Ew hew, good times ahead! 😉



10 responses to “From Breast Cancer to Heart Trouble

  1. Welcome to my world. Doesn’t EVERYONE have their own oncologist and cardiologist? Just about all MY friends do. We are special 🙂 Hey, we are still alive. This is good.


    • I am so happy to hear from you! I’m trying to catch up on visiting all of my blogging friends, and THAT is going to take me a few days!

      Meanwhile, you are so right about our own specialists, but, hey, any clues about who’s next? Maybe a shrink??? Only joking! 😀


  2. It’s always hard to get “important” doctors to call you. I’ve found that I have to be a nag to get anywhere. Hold off on the shrink. Just vent to us and you’ll feel better.


  3. As a student of one of the greatest philosophers of the modern era, I am reminded of what she once said that appropriately sums up your plight…”Well, Swoosieque, it just goes to show you, it’s always something–if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” – Roseanne Roseannadanna
    Sorry for your troubles and I hope remembering Gilda makes you smile.


    • AHHHHHhhh, I just had a flashback of sitting on the living room floor, sipping red wine and cracking up with my late husband as we watched Roseanne Roseannadanna talk about toilet paper on the bottom of her shoe… and the one where she contemplated how much polyester blouses can “wick” bad smells around a person… crazy stuff! You did it again, made me laugh like I was young again! 😀


  4. farmerlucydaisy

    Swoosie – You might try some probiotics for the heartburn, since antibiotics can strip you gut of the good ones. Also, I had shortness of breath too. I had fluid surrounding the lungs. My PCP physician thought it was from the mx and it would resolve on its own, and it did.


    • Thank you for the input farmerlucydaisy! I’ll try the probiotics tomorrow morning, hopefully that’ll help! I need to get back over to the Breast cancer forum and see what’s new! Thanks for stopping by! 😀


  5. Hope the cardiologist schedules an appointment and it works out well amidst all the snow and ice.


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