Zach Sobiech, Clouds

An acquaintance of mine had posted a documentary on her facebook page about a 17 year old boy, Zach Sobiech, who was dying of osteosarcoma.  The documentary is beautiful, but I cried throughout it.  Damn cancer!  If you have time, it’s really worthwhile to watch, here’s the link:

This young man has left a legacy of some sort, he had written a song about his last days, it was sung at the Mall of America,



2 responses to “Zach Sobiech, Clouds

  1. I have to admit, I don’t watch this stuff. It just makes me more depressed and there’s enough depressing stuff in my world. I think I’m at my limit for handling misery. I need more RAM and maybe a new motherboard in my brain. I’m maxed.


    • You are so right, normally I try to stay away from these sad things, I don’t know why I watched this one today, I’m still sad but mostly angry about how out of control cancer is in our society and how many young people are dying from it as opposed to years ago. Science has got to get serious about this.


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