CT Scan Results

Waiting until 9:30 a.m. to phone my doctor’s office in order to give the office staff sufficient time to settle in to their Monday, I put on my headset and just as I lifted my finger to dial the doctor’s phone number, the phone rang, the caller id showed his office number! His nurse told me that the scan showed no problems and that if I continued to have breathing difficulties, I should phone my breast surgeon. G’day!

Wow! This is good news. I’m healthy. Why do I feel like shit?

I phoned my doc’s office again, asking them to fax to me the CT report, I like to have copies of all of my medical reports. Within a few minutes, the report came to me. One page. … but on the bottom of the 1st page, it indicates that it is “1 of 5.” Hmmmm… how could the four following pages be unimportant? I am waiting to hear back from the doc’s office to answer that question.


CT of the thorax with IV Contrast Report

Meanwhile, I phoned my Oncologist’s office because there are several statements in the report which concern me, especially when the diagnosis starts with the word, “likely.” Yeah, right, ‘likely’ ranks right up there with ‘maybe,’ as in, “maybe it ISN’T cancer.” My Oncologist’s nurse phoned back, I explained to her my concern and she phoned my family doctor to have them fax the report to her. They wouldn’t. She phoned me and asked me to fax the report to her, I did, the ONE page report as well as phoning my doc’s office and telling them to fax the full report to my Oncologist.

My Oncologist is doing clinicals today but will be in her office tomorrow when she will review this report and hopefully I will hear her thoughts on this.


4 responses to “CT Scan Results

  1. I would be really stressed out, but you seem to be taking this in relatively good stride. I hope you get some kind of complete answers soon. The unknown is always scary. (for me)


    • Me too. I didn’t think I would be this jumpy with suspecting other cancers, but, the truth is, and everyone who has had cancer knows this, and doctors have said it too, once you have cancer, more than likely other microscopic cells are floating around, looking for a place to camp. Gheez!

      So, I just want to find them before they get too big.


  2. Damn cancer and all the band of hoodlums it travels with. Damn them all.


    • If there was a cigar in the house and some Yukon Jack, I think I’d pour myself a shot of Jack and light up the cigar, better hoodlums to hang with than cancer!

      Besides, I have always loved the smell of cigars, and, on cold Canadian nights, I have enjoyed a few shots of Yukon Jack.

      Me thinkest those things will go on my shopping list this weekend, just for the helluv it! 😉


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