Study Compares Treatments for Arm Swelling Due to Breast Cancer

Sunday – a good day to catch up on all sorts of reading. I’m re-blogging an article that is of great interest to me. Hope you find it interesting as well.

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FRIDAY, Nov. 22, 2013 (HealthDay News) — Simple compression bandages are as effective as complicated massage treatments in treating the swollen arms of breast cancer patients, according to a new study.

This swelling of the arms — called lymphedema — is a complication of breast cancer treatment that can last a long time. It affects between 6 percent and 30 percent of patients, and can cause discomfort, reduced arm function, infection and emotional distress.

The six-week study included about 100 Canadian breast cancer patients with arm swelling.

The patients were divided into two groups. One group wore elastic compression sleeves and gloves for 12 hours a day. The other group received an hour of lymphatic drainage massage from trained therapists each weekday for four weeks, along with exercise and skin care.

The women in the massage group also wore compression bandages on their arms and hands the rest of the…

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One response to “Study Compares Treatments for Arm Swelling Due to Breast Cancer

  1. It’s also really UGLY. It think that’s the emotional distress part.


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