Maud Allen


Maud Allen
August 27, 1873 – October 7, 1956

An email is making its rounds with photos of some amazing historic figures, known and unknown.  One of the persons referenced is Maud Allen, the seductive dancing girl from,  where else, the USA.

The email states that she was “sued for being too lewd, outed as a lesbian, and fled London after being branded a German spy who was sleeping with the prime minister’s wife.”

Sounds to me like she had quite the life!  But, what intrigues me more than anything is how much she resembles Lindsay Lohan… in at least one way or another. Don’t you think?

Do YOU believe in reincarnation?


8 responses to “Maud Allen

  1. WOW… I can truly see the resemblance after you pointed it out. It is amazing what we can see and the funny thing about Im sure Lindsay has been there done that 😉 …lol
    Which makes a lot more in common with them…


    • Hahaha, I agree and definitely think the resemblance is more convincing AFTER reading about Maud’s life, that’s when I “saw” Lindsay. 😉
      Thanks so much for stopping by and especially for commenting!


      • A perfect fit that once you recognize there is no denying it 🙂
        Great story and resemblance!!
        I look forward to enjoying and being inspired by your writings ♥
        Many thanks to Library Lady as well ♥


  2. Maybe I believe in reincarnation. Some days I do, others not so much. But how come everyone was famous in a former life? Where were the peasants? The hod carriers? The blacksmiths? I pretty sure there were more of them than Cleopatras, but I’ve met quite a few Cleopatras and not a single shopkeeper.

    The photographic resemblance IS pretty good. In Caberet, there’s a song which ends with “she was the happiest corpse I’ve ever seen.” Always liked that idea.


  3. I definitely think her life sounds so interesting! I want to know more! Thanks for following and I can’t wait to keep up with your blog. My mother and both grandmother’s were cancer survivors (My mother is still living and healthy-thank God). It’s a long road, and it’s great people like you support such an amazing cause.


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