Savory Sundays

Strawberry Crepes

Strawberry Crepes from scratch

That’s exactly what they were, Savory Sundays. Papa Bear would wrap himself in his new robe, the one I made for Christmas out of a new Vellux® blanket which I bought just for that purpose. I loved the warmth and feel of those blankets and thought they would make such nice house robes – I was right.

Homemade Bath Robe

Clad in his new robe and old, but robust house slippers, Gerard made his way down to the kitchen where he flipped switches, turned dials, and pressed buttons, as though he were in the cabin of an airplane, preparing for takeoff. One of the dials was responsible for tuning in to the local country and western music station; it grew steadily louder as the old radio warmed and airwaves became saturated with classic, shit-kicking oldies.

Just about the time the music reached the upstairs bedrooms, my senses were beginning to arouse, especially my sense of smell as fresh coffee fairies quietly danced through the hallway, up the stairs and through my nostrils. A bright sunbeam welcomed them, by breaking through a crack in the curtains and splashing me directly in the eyes. Sleepily, I grabbed my own robe and slippers, while making my way down to the already active kitchen, wondering what culinary surprise my husband had in store for us this particular Sunday morning.


Scrambled Eggs
& Cow Brains

Sundays were Gerard’s day to be “man of the kitchen,” at least for preparing breakfast. I welcomed his endeavors and admit that he was more than capable of turning out some fantastic fares! These breakfasts were more than simple bacon and eggs or porridge. Anything may start out simple, but everything always ended up with a twist, and usually in a good way, except maybe, uh, maybe except… for the scrambled eggs and cow brains, when he would not even tell ME the secret ingredient until after all of us guinea pigs tried a mouthful.

I must confess the first mouthful was not bad; it was kind of a melt-in-your-mouth texture, not chewy like escargot. I could not identify what I was eating though. I watched Gerard watching the children and me, his smile growing wider, his eyes filling with tears, his face turning red as he began to snigger. That is when I put my fork down, instructed the boys to put theirs down as well and demanded that we be told what on earth we were consuming.

The answer came, “Scrambled eggs and cow brains!”

The children and I lost our appetites after that revelation and the dog gladly devoured the rest of our uneaten food. Since that time, Savory Sundays continued for the rest of Gerard’s life, minus surprise ingredients which he knew might be resisted by his less-than-trusting family.

His favorite resource for recipes and ideas came from a cookbook of mine, the American International Encyclopedic Cookbook. I loved that cookbook, I still do! That cookbook has the absolute BEST recipe for crêpes, waffles, and pancakes and… anything else your little heart might desire.

For my family, it was the “other” family bible.



3 responses to “Savory Sundays

  1. You’ve got to be kidding me!!!! Cow brains?! I would just fall over. I remember finding out that I had eaten things like liver or “chicken stomach lining” while in China but cow brains? Ai yai yai!


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