It’s Baaaack!

Day 16 of NaBloPoMo  – HOLY  MOLY,  my login is FIXED!!

Denise responded to my inquiry and re-activated my account which, in fact, had been blocked due to my multiple postings yesterday which I did because I had not been able to post on previous days because the system wouldn’t let me log in.  Anyway, yesterday, the system thought that I was a spammer and automatically blocked me out.

Life is good, once again in the blogging world and after a little nap, I will be back on schedule with NaBloPoMo!



3 responses to “It’s Baaaack!

  1. Good! My blog seems to have returned to normal size too. All is well.


  2. holy moly! I’m really happy that someone over there was able to fix things for you, HOW frustrating. I’m glad you’re baaackk. =)


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