Bye Bye NaBloPoMo

Today is day 15 of the NaBloPoMo challenge at BlogHer, the half-way mark, the pinnacle where participants, perched high upon their stories, poems, photos and dreams can nearly see the finish line.

Good luck to you who are continuing this quest. For me, I must withdraw from this “fun” (choke, gag) as it has become nothing short of a major frustration with all the quirks at BlogHer every time I attempt to log in or post something.  This morning, I thought I’d give it another try, to log in and unbelievably, I was allowed in!!  “Yipee,” or so I thought.

I copied and pasted the html code from this, my WP blog, to each individual day on BlogHer.  At BlogHer, there is no way to back-date, so I just wrote in each title, “Day ‘X’ – NaBloPoMo…”  As I mentioned already, this was somewhat time consuming, but, I finished it.  I was able to get all of my posts, posted and it looked like it saved.  GREAT!

I set about the rest of my day while entertaining thoughts of what I would write on this, the 16th day of NaBloPoMo.  I had thought about writing how I discovered that once cancer presents itself to someone, it means there are other cancer cells in that same body waiting to present themselves too.  That thought was a tie with writing about how having cancer has changed some relationships which I thought would last until Hell froze over.  

By the time I finished all of my work for the day and headed back to my computer and checked in at BlogHer, I found that I could not log in to my account, AGAIN!  Frustrated, like the perfect example of Albert Einstein’s definition for insanity, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”, I did just that, kept trying and trying and trying to login – to no avail, of course.

That is enough insanity for me.  I have chosen to join in the NaNoWriMo event, even though it’s half finished and I don’t have a prayer in hell to complete it, it seems less insane to me than trying to participate in an event where their site is as bad as Obama’s health care site with quirks and stalls and crashes.

NaNoWriMo_EstimateAt least with NaNoWriMo, I’ve already reaped my first chuckle as their calculations predicted when I would finish my 50,000 word novel based upon the 2,162 words I have already submitted.

I will continue to write, I just won’t be sharing with BlogHer and that’s too bad, it looks like it’s a lot of fun for some people.

6 responses to “Bye Bye NaBloPoMo

  1. I rewrote the instructions for them because I had a ton of trouble getting anything posted there. I TOLD them I was not the only one, but they haven’t bothered to use them. The instructions are terrible. I’m very computer savvy, but I’ve not been able to do anything right on that site. I could send you the instructions … they really do clarify the way to do something. I’ll miss you!!


  2. Oh, no, but thank you. It was working a little bit last night, and this morning, but I think I am barred from the site now because I did all of my copy and pasting from WP to my blog on their site and I think they think I was doing something illegal. Gheez!

    Another friend here at WP was having the same issues with the site losing their posts, not letting them login, etc.. It’s more than just simple instructions, I honestly think they have some major coding issues and I would rather be frustrated by other things, not by something that’s supposed to be “fun.”

    I’m not going anywhere, I’ll still be here on WP, posting like a crazy lady and visiting all of my friends’ blogs!

    And now, I’m going to play with the NaNoWriMo people, at least their website WORKS! I know I won’t finish the challenge, but, it will be fun. Heck, I’ve already got 2,162 words written out of what should be 25,000! Hahaha!


  3. Oh my, this sounds waay to complicated. I’m lucky to get my blog posts to show up. I still struggle with linking to the daily prompts. Not a computer gal.


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