A Visit With My Family Doctor

Day 13 of NaBloPoMo and I am struggling, not for subject matter or the desire to write, rather, the energy! For the past few nights, my dogs have been waking me up once, sometimes twice in the middle of the night to go outside and do their “duty.” It is definitely an unwanted result from trying to introduce a “healthier” dog food into their diet.

I know that whenever a new food is introduced into an animal’s diet, it must be introduced slowly and over a period of time. Well, it has only been a few days and I cannot stand the flatulence and putrid stench that now lingers throughout my home. I’ve refrained from continuing the switch to new food, at least until I begin feeling better.

A visit to my family practitioner was necessary today as I have been feeling exhausted, with an ear ache, sinus problems and a severely swollen gland on the left side of my neck. I will start taking an antibiotic tonight along with prednisone. Not relative to the sinus and ear infection, there is one more pill which I will start tonight – Tamoxifen.

My Oncologist approved my request to switch from Arimidex to Tamoxifen. I hope that its brain-fogging side effect is more tolerable than what I experienced with Arimidex.

While speaking with my family doctor, I asked if he could do the scheduling for a standard, screening colonoscopy. I told him that I’ve been experiencing some unusual problems. As he talked about health care and the new laws, he slipped a comment in there about cancer, “… yeah, it’s smart to get tested because once a person has been diagnosed with cancer, it’s not unusual to find other cancers too…”

What?! Did I hear him right? Wasn’t he basically telling me that my number is up?

I refuse to worry about anything tonight. I am going to eat something warm and cuddle under a comforter on my recliner, watch Christmas movies and be purposely ignorant of my real-life problems for tonight. Tomorrow will come soon enough.



6 responses to “A Visit With My Family Doctor

  1. I went through all three of the hormone suppressors and the doctor finally took me off them. My quality of life bottomed out. All of them made me terribly sick, mostly because it greatly worsened what was already severe arthritic. I’m also convinced it’s what finished off my mitral valve because other people I know had the thing happen. But I can’t prove it. I hope you feel better really soon.

    May I suggest starting tamoxifen simultaneously starting an anitbiotic may be an awful lot for your body, especially since you’re already sick? Maybe get out from under first? Just a suggestion. Regardless, feel better if you can.

    Re dog food: Finding the right high quality food that won’t give them all gas and diarrhea is trial and error. If one food isn’t working, try another. There are a fair number of premium dogs foods and sometimes, a really rich one is too much. We finally found one that all of them are good with and we will never change! Unless God Forbid, they stop making it.


    • The things you mentioned, which happened to you, are the same things I fear will happen to me. I too, already have some arthritis, degenerative arthritis in my spine and three herniated discs (from an horrendous car wreck back in ’96) so, my level of pain dictates how active I will/can be on any day. The joint pain side-effect concerns me because I’m already hurting and don’t want to become incapacitated.

      The next fear I have relates to heart and vascular. My mom’s side of the family has a history of strokes, Mom didn’t have one, but, she did end up with angina — at some point after her breast cancer, mastectomy and Tamoxifen therapy. No one ever considered that Tamoxifen may have caused it. My Dad ended up with a triple bi-pass surgery when he was in his 70’s, so, I feel that the “cards” are already stacked against me when it comes to heart problems. The most terrifying would be to have a stroke and not even be able to move to “end it all.”

      I too had considered quality vs. quantity of life when I first noticed problems with Arimidex and decided that I don’t want to live where my mind is so compromised, among the other side effects. I did not start the Tamoxifen last night for the same reason you suggested, too much going on at once, especially since I’m already feeling rotten. The biggest question of mine is, if my cancer did not spread, it was the non-aggressive type, BOTH of my breasts were “scooped” out of my body, including skin and nipples, then, why take any estrogen inhibitor to defend against breast cancer? How can I get breast cancer again if I don’t have any breasts?

      The dogs – since both dogs became diabetics, we have been searching for a cheaper version of the prescription dog food they are eating. The dog food we recently began integrating into their diet is the same dog food used around the U.S.A. zoos for their captive wolf populations – NO CORN!! But, it doesn’t seem to be working for my babies.


  2. I so hope you feel better soon. I know this isn’t a cure-all but if you find any relief, it will be wonderful, yes?


    The other blog of mine that I haven’t been able to devote time to. But chk out the How to Eat page as well as the Sinus Mineral Tea recipe.



  3. Diana, thank you so much for visiting and pointing me to your blog, I have read and learned of so many helpful changes that I can make to alleviate my chronic sinus problems. I look forward to reading your future articles!


  4. Swoosieque, sorry to hear about all these troubles. I just had pelvic/pap and my doc encouraged me to get my colonoscopy on my calendar as well. I loathe the term “new normal” however, I reckon that is what this is. Sigh. We soldier on.


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