Sleep-in Sundays


Sleep-in Sundays
My four-legged babies!

No one really sleeps-in around this house.  These pups of mine need to eat on a regimented schedule to accommodate their insulin shots, so, a regularly scheduled morning “breakfast” is a must for them.  After breakfast, their shots and an investigative morning romp around our huge backyard, these comfort-seekers head to a freshly straightened bed for a little Sunday snooze!



3 responses to “Sleep-in Sundays

  1. oh my gosh – they are beautiful!!!


  2. Thank you! These two are my “natural” anti-depressants. 😉


  3. Great picture. I love doggies. We used to have a cat who needed insulin shots once a day. What a complication that was, but it kept her going for a long time. Pets are a big commtment, but well worth it.


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