Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


My two diabetic Labs,
Buddy & Vayda

For the rest of my dogs’ lives, I am bound to administer insulin shots to them twice daily (habit) for their diabetes.  I cried my eyes out the first week of injecting Buddy, but, I had to overcome and be stronger than my sadness. When I put the whole situation into proper perspective, the truth was, I had no choice if I wanted him to live.  Several years later, my other dog, Vayda,  was diagnosed with diabetes.  She is a big baby and cries even before I inject her.

I hate this habit, but I love my furry babies.

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12 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

  1. At least the pinprick is over fast, poor babies! I’m on the yeah write grid for NaBloPoMo, too…and am another cancer survivor! So is Stacie, and she’s on the grid, too.

    Have a nice weekend!


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  5. It’s so hard to have to do things like that to/for our pups.


    • It is! Right now we are trying a different, more natural dog food for them. In my opinion, the commercial dog foods are somewhat responsible because of their ingredients.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!


  6. That is a sad habit to have, but great that the treatment is there for your fur babies.


  7. That is so true! When Buddy was first diagnosed, our Vet gave us the option of putting him to sleep. He offered that option to us because in his experience, most of his patients choose to end the life of their pet because of costs of insulin and special foods. I’m thankful we can afford these needs.

    Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment!


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