Weaning off Arimidex

ArimidexToday is day two of stopping my Arimidex therapy.  I am not noticing any dramatic decrease of the side effects, but, then again, it is only day two of a seven day process of elimination to determine that Arimidex is the actual cause of my side effects.

Yesterday, I phoned my Oncologist’s office to let her know that I was going to stop taking Arimidex and ask if she could switch me to Tamoxifen.  Naturally, I was not able to reach the doctor directly but I was able to leave a message with her nurse.  An hour or so later, Mark, the male nurse, returned my call; he instructed me to stop taking Arimidex for five days and phone him back with my results on Thursday or Friday.  According to my math, Thursday would only be four days and although Friday would be day five of my cessation, I much preferred waiting a full week for a better conclusion. He agreed that it would be fine for me to refrain from the medication for a full week.

So, there it is, my hopes are aligned for proof that Arimidex has been the cause of my distress and that we can switch to Tamoxifen. 

Five more days to go!



Thoughts on this?

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