More Medical Maladies

Last Friday, I honestly thought that I was going to end up going to the ER as I felt a fever growing and painful swelling in my upper left chest area.  For me, my body temperature is typically 97.x – 98.2.  When my temp reaches 98.6, that is usually an indication that my body is fighting something and I take appropriate measures to build and enhance my immune system.  When I took my temperature on Friday, it was a whopping 99.4, which was high, for me.

MercyHospWaterJugFearing the worst, possible hospitalization for a seroma and bacterial infection, I took 1500 mg of acetaminophen, filled my water pitcher, grabbed my ice pack from the deep freezer and laid it upon my swollen chest area as I settled in beneath the comforter on the Lazy Boy recliner.  I positioned my left arm upon a bulky pillow to keep it raised above my heart to help with lymph node draining.  I was in position to do war with the swelling and potential infection, resigning myself to recliner/bed rest FOR  REAL this time;  I plodded through the cable guide channels to find something which might hold my attention, a difficult challenge since I have been watching so much television, movies, Netflix, DVDs.  The crazy thing is, I can actually spend 45 minutes to an hour searching through Netflix.  It’s crazy because that has become more entertaining to me than actually watching what’s being broadcast!

homealoneBy Sunday, I noticed the swelling had gone down tremendously and my arm/chest area was no longer in such dire pain.  I was so happy to be up and moving around, doing laundry, emptying and loading the dishwasher, and then, I noticed my newest, most unpleasant medical malady… HEMORRHOIDS!
CRAP!  Those can be sooooo painful!
bluedonutSearching through a hall closet designated for medical paraphernalia like ankle  and wrist braces,  bandaging supplies, etc.. I found it – the blue donut pillow!!  After using two preparation H suppositories, I found instant relief as I retired once again to my recliner, tush setting softly upon my blue donut.

Life was good once again.



6 responses to “More Medical Maladies

  1. Wow. Would it piss you off if I said I’m speechless? Because after reading your posts, that’s what I am. I’ve come to respect you from the bottom of my heart. You are a superhero in my eyes.
    Keep fighting. If you ever need to rest and talk, just e-mail me 🙂


  2. Oh dear. Oh no. Not good. Stay positive, stay strong and STAY ON THAT DONUT. You can do it!
    PS – in 30 days remind me that I said all this to you.


  3. What I really meant to say was that these medical maladies will test your moxie and mettle. Alliteration is my best friend.


    • Since all of this cancer stuff, my brain doesn’t seem to be thinking like it used to and my writings have really, really suffered. I’m hoping that it’s just a phase! Good Luck tomorrow!!


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