October Shmoctober!

October has been the worst month of this whole ordeal so far.  It began with the surgery to replace a defective tissue expander which had 3 – 5 holes in it, according to my plastic surgeon, who declared that this sort thing has never happened to her in all of her years of being a plastic surgeon.  Oh well, it could’ve been worse.

The JP Drain was a big, big pain, so irritating and the output did not want to dissipate!  This became quite depressing as it seemed even the least bit of activity, browsing the internet, reading or writing blogs, was too much movement.  But, I bit the bullet and stayed as inactive as possible over the weekend, well… Sunday, but my readings were still too high for the Monday appointment.  Finally, the drain was removed nearly three weeks after surgery, and I’m not so sure that I read my last two drainings correctly – maybe accidentally-on-purpose.  I am quite swollen in the upper quadrant of my chest area, close to the arm pit.  The doctor told me to remain inactive so the swelling will be absorbed by the body, “Do not irritate the surgical area!” She even corrected me when i was leaving her office and slung my itty-bitty-wallet-purse over my left shoulder, “No purse carrying or any kind of carrying either, no lifting or raising your arm, use your right arm!”

cat-snuggling-with-ownerI am so tired of bed rest, even though I’m not staying in bed; the cat and I have  claimed the Lazy Boy recliner as our refuge.  I’ve piled comforters under and over us, she stays warm and I love the comfort of feeling cuddled with the comforters.  We’re making the best of an irritating situation.

One other thing that the doctor did during my visit to remove the drain, she filled my expanders a little bit more with saline!!  Yay!  This puts me nearly back on track.  She filled the right side 200 cc and the left side just 100 cc to make certain not to irritate that side any more.  I have another appointment next Friday, November 1st, for my final fills – 50 cc right side, 150 cc left side.  As long as I don’t have any more incidents with defective expanders or infections, the rest of my time healing and preparing for the permanent implants  should be smooth sailing!

I might even be able to go outside, rake and burn leaves by Thanksgiving!! 




3 responses to “October Shmoctober!

  1. I find curling up with cat somehow accelerates healing–even if it is just in my head.


  2. Wishing you fair winds and following seas as you prepare for the permanent implants.


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