Breast Cancer Brothers

Breast Cancer Brothers

“Breast Cancer Brothers”
Bob DeVito and Bill Becker

During a recent search on Facebook for pages that pertained to Breast Cancer volunteer opportunities in my area, I ran across a page called Breast Cancer Brothers  the purpose of their page is:  “A place for ‘Men’ who have breast cancer, to reach out to one another, for support, information, and to connect with others who share this disease.  Additionally, anyone affected by breast cancer are also welcome here.”   

I had been aware that breast cancer was non-discriminating, but I never had an opportunity to read of any man’s first-hand battle with breast cancer.  So, I read through their facebook page, clicked “Like” so that I could support it and stay updated with what was going on with these guys and their cause. I found a link to an article about Bob DeVito on Urban Lux Magazine, you have to click-thru to page 42, and there, I read for the first time, one man’s experience with breast cancer.  What struck me and brought me to tears,  was Bob DeVito’s comment, “Devito says he had a hang-up about only having one nipple and the emotional strain associated with removing his shirt in public was quite an ordeal.”  

Wow!  I never thought that men would be conscientious about having a massive scar upon their chest and a missing nipple.  I never thought a nipple meant anything to men, unless it was being looked upon at a woman’s bosom – a sexually stimulating thing.  

I had to stop and consider why my thinking was so shallow, maybe even bigoted.  Why shouldn’t a man be self-conscious about only having one nipple?  Nipples are not just for women!  Nipples are a part of every mammal’s structure, if one goes missing, then that body has been compromised and there would undoubtedly be an emotional response.  In the case of breast cancer, the missing nipple would be a constant reminder, a battle scar, from having fought cancer.


Once I sorted through my thoughts about the male nipple, I continued to read and found the link to a documentary which is in production, TIMES LIKE THESE: men with breast cancer documentary – by Nick Sadler and David C. Didato.  This is a powerful documentary about men with breast cancer, the brotherhood they form and the incredible challenges they face.  Based on the lives of two men,  Bob DeVito and Bill Becker, who found each other through their fight with breast cancer, this documentary will bring to light the truth about how non-discriminating breast cancer is.

Breast Cancer is an Equal Opportunity Killer

thousands men2

U.S. Dept. of Health
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality



5 responses to “Breast Cancer Brothers

  1. Very interesting post, continue to raise awareness! And good luck on your journey as well!


  2. Thanks for your post on Bob and Bill and Breast Cancer Brothers. I’m the director of TIMES LIKE THESE. We really appreciate your support. Contact me anytime.


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