JP Drain Removal Today, YAY!

It’s here, today’s the day!  At least that’s what my plastic surgeon told me last week when I read to her my daily JP Drain levels which were too high for her to safely remove last week.   She told me to re-schedule my appointment for removing the drain, today, October 14th, 2013, “We’ll take it out come hell or high water!”  I’m game for that!


© Carl Larson – Summer Morning 1908

This time, the one drain has been more irritating than the two drains I had, right after my bilateral mastectomy.   I will be most happy when I can forego the sponge baths and begin showering again!

Happy Days Are On Their Way!



6 responses to “JP Drain Removal Today, YAY!

  1. I hope you had both hell and high water and got the drain removed.


  2. Reblogged this on chemobrainandmore and commented:
    Keep being positive!


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