IHatePinkI have spent all day scouring through different breast cancer sites, organizations and blogs, researching tissue expander problems.  My favorite site is the site, of which I already added to my favorite links on this blog.  But, this post is not about any information that I gleaned from my hours of web surfing, this post is about the color pink, the ribbon, the cutesy little logos of the pink ribbon with feet, the pink ribbon with angel wings, on and on and on and on…

I used to like pink, it was the first color I learned to spell when I was four years old, I was in love with pink and was happy that I was a girl and could wear pink, although I do not remember ever owning anything pink as a little girl, someday I would.  In retrospect, however, I cannot remember having many clothing items of pink, except for one dress, about thirty years ago and it was not a ‘fluffy’ type of pink dress, it was very business-like in its styling.

But, today, I am all pinked-out. I’m even thinking about changing the background of my blog  but, if I do, then people might not so easily realize that my blog or page are about breast cancer.  Pink has forever been linked to a horrid disease.  Honestly, if you see someone wearing pink, don’t you first think of breast cancer?  Do you wonder, as I do, if that person has breast cancer or knows someone who had or is fighting breast cancer?

After I survived my surgery, I wasn’t quite sick of pink yet, I actually went in search of a pink ribbon necklace, thinking that I would wear it as a sort of graduation into this ‘club.’  During my search, I found many, many websites that sell breast cancer pins, necklaces, rings, key chains, candles, boots… you name it or want it, China has already made it and has it for sale.  But, the thing that bothered me, is that many women buy these articles believing that the cost of their purchase, or a good percentage of it, will be donated to breast cancer research.  My message to the consumer – BEWARE!  

Breast cancer research can only be performed in a laboratory setting, and if a portion of your purchase will be donated to Breast Cancer, find out “how” your donation will help in eradicating this disease.  It’s your money, you have the right to know how and where your donation will be used. So, before you go running out to buy that “pink” whatever, for your friend or relative who was just diagnosed with breast cancer, do yourself and them a favor, put your money toward something that will make a real difference – Breast Cancer Research.


Do your research, check with your local or State University to see if they have a Breast Cancer Research Facility.  I know that one of my State’s Universities has a fine Breast Cancer Research Facility, that’s where my Breast Surgeon is going and someday, hopefully within my grown children’s lifetimes, Breast Cancer will be preventable and as extinct as the rotary dial-phone or party-lines.



Thoughts on this?

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