Sometimes, when I’m tired or procrastinating from doing something I really, truly want to avoid, I will come to my little blog here and start rearranging things, like today.  I’ve been up since 4:00 a.m., not for any specific reason, I simply woke up early and as any self-respecting, sensible woman would do, I went to the bathroom before returning to my oh-so-comfy bed.  After all, it’s Saturday morning when people are supposed to sleep in a little later, right? Right.  

Upon my return from the bathroom, I slid beneath the comforter and lay my head on the down-like pillow while my mattress hugged me like an old friend.  All was right with the world now, until I realized that my brain was wide awake and ready to start the day.

GoodMorningLabI struggled to fall back asleep for an hour when I decided to just surrender and begin my day with watching the sun rise.  Not a bad way to start any day, actually.  With a fresh, hot cup of decaffeinated coffee, I headed to the back patio which offers the best view of the rising sun.  The dogs, my two Labs, realizing that I was heading outside, shook off their sleepiness, stretched and groaned that “good morning” groan and anxiously followed me out the door.  We were up before the birds!

It’s so nice to watch the day awaken around oneself with the morning sun peeping through the last shadows of night and to hear the little critters chirp and chatter, usually the birds are the first to be vocal.  I would have missed this delightful awareness of being so alive and a part of today’s dawning, had I successfully fallen back to sleep.

So, there it is, the “change.”  This is the first post that I am making without commenting about breast cancer.  It’s the first post about life without reference to breast cancer, the dawn of a new day.



Thoughts on this?

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