After my visit with the Breast Surgeon and my fears being ignited with her comment about pre-cancer cells in my left breast (the breast that I had to INSIST be removed along with the one testing positive for cancer), I wanted to see if my Oncologist had the results from the Oncotype DX test which was done on my breast tissue.

Cutting to the chase here, Nurse Mark, after gaining authorization from Dr. Theobald, verbally gave me the results of the Oncotype DX test…….. (drum roll……..)  #1.  Whew!  As Mark said, “1 is the next best thing to  0 insofar as chances that the cancer will return.”  I feel so much more at ease knowing this!  Yipee!

Just for reference from the  Breastcancer.org   website, here is a partial description of what information the Oncotype DX test will give:

The Oncotype DX test uses a sample of breast cancer tissue to analyze the activity of 21 genes. Genes control the behavior and activities of all cells, including cancer cells. When cells are behaving abnormally, it often can be traced back to unusual activity by certain genes.
Looking at these 21 genes can provide specific information on:
  • the likelihood that the breast cancer will return
  • whether you’re likely to benefit from chemotherapy if you’re being treated for early-stage invasive breast cancer
  • whether you’re likely to benefit from radiation therapy if you’re being treated for DCIS



Thoughts on this?

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