I have not started moving furniture or plowing the south 40, I haven’t even attempted using the vacuum cleaner yet, but, the little bit that I have tried to return to normalcy has caused some repercussions today.  My right arm is somewhat swollen and I am suspecting lymphedema, which occurs in 50% of women who have had mastectomies.  PHOOEY!!  

The worst part is that lymphedema does not have to occur shortly after surgery, it can hide for YEARS!  This would make me quite unhappy.   I phoned my breast surgeon and have an appointment with her next Tuesday, the 24th.  Since she is the one who removed the lymph nodes, she would be best qualified to help me with this problem.  Meanwhile, it’s back to the recliner and Netflix.   I shouldn’t even be updating this blog, my hand and wrist are killing me.  Ice pack & recliner & Netflix, here I come.


Thoughts on this?

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