2nd Fill

Went for my 2nd fill today and we decided to try 200cc of saline.  They filled the right side first and I could feel the tightening, but, when they filled the left side, it did not and has not felt as tight and visibly looks “less full.”  I phoned to speak with the nurse to see if I should be concerned and she calmed me by saying that this is normal.  I’m suspicious of that answer because there is no logical reason for one side to be so noticeably fuller when they both have the same amount of saline.

Next time I go in for a fill-up, I’m going to make sure my husband comes in the office with me, I told him he could just wait in the waiting room today and during the filling-up, I had asked the doctor questions, so we were involved in a conversation, I was distracted and not keeping track of  how many times the nurse filled up the syringe.  She might have goofed up, either that, or I might be having an episode of lymphedema, which would be very, very bad.


Thoughts on this?

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