Almost a Pity Party

Pity Party Cry BabyI need to catch up on filling in a lot of information that is missing on here, like the request from my Oncologist office to proceed with the Oncotype DX test on my already removed cancerous tissue (which is stored at the hospital where I had the mastectomy).  Also, week-by-week timeline of how my healing is progressing.  I feel that it is NOT progressing quickly enough.  I’m often becoming irritable and depressed.  I am EXHAUSTED!

Today, I searched for others who might be experiencing this type of exhaustion post-mastectomy-immediate-reconstruction, but my searches have been fruitless.  It really bothers me that my cousin’s daughter had her bi-lateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction (2 weeks prior to mine) and she was out riding a bicycle only ten days post-op!  Yeah, well, she’s at least 15 years younger than me and was in good shape before going in for surgery, in my case, I was approaching my 60th birthday, which was yesterday, and I have slipped way out of being in shape a long time ago.

Another thing I need to record is the type of tissue expanders which were used in my surgery, I recall the doctor saying something like “ALLODERM”, and when I researched this, it turns out that Alloderm is cadaver tissue!!  Yes, I definitely need to do more research on this.  I saw a Youtube video where a plastic surgeon used Alloderm in a breast reconstruction with tissue expanders, I hope that I bookmarked it so that I can add it here.

I also started the Arimidex estrogen blocker pill yesterday, did a little research on that as well, sounds like it’s going to be a real bummer.  With all the side-effects, I may honestly just take my chances and live without these damn pills that could mess up something else in my body.  Heck, we all have to die from something, I already had cancer, will probably die from some type of cancer since my family has such a strong history of it… I need to somehow grow some ENERGY!!!

I really need to kick this dumpy mood, SOON!



Thoughts on this?

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