Recovery by way of Netflix

I need to fix my sleeping problems!!  For the first two weeks post-op, I have been regularly taking the Percocet every six hours, its effect upon me was to put me to sleep; my waking hours during those two weeks were merely to eat, clean and treat my wounds, and watch an enormous amount of television during any conscious moments.  By the way, thanks to Ryan for the Netflix, it has been a life-saver, especially now, as I am having severe insomnia!

Those two weeks of drugs have switched my day/night consciousness and I need to switch it back, so, here’s my plan… since the new pain killers (which I’m not taking anymore) don’t knock me out, they’re no good for taking in the middle of the night to help me sleep, BUT, the doctor gave me a new prescription for Flexeril, which I know will knock me out.  So, tonight, after dinner, after the news, after hubby is locking the doors and going to bed, I am going to take a Flexeril and will sleep all night long!  In the morning, I will wake up like everyone else, tired.  I think “tired” is a normal way of waking up, and then we start moving and doing things.

That’s the other part that is tough, not being able to “do” things, I mean, honestly, think about it, when you “do” things, doesn’t it usually involve your hands and arms???  I’m still very restricted with what I can do, using my arms, but one thing I absolutely have to do tomorrow is pay a couple of these medical bills!



Thoughts on this?

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