Officially A Non-Smoker

Day ???:

After day 5, I quit cold-turkey, I wish I had taken notes of how I was feeling, I thought I would remember whatever the side-effects were that I was experiencing.

The side-effects were bad enough that I stopped taking Chantix; PLUS, I ended up getting a THRUSH infection!!  I’m not saying that the Thrush infection was associated with the Chantix, but, I quit the Chantix while taking the medication for Thrush and haven’t had a cigarette since July 15th. I am a NON-SMOKER!!


2 responses to “Officially A Non-Smoker

  1. I went cold turkey. It was the only thing that worked. After a couple of false starts, it’s been years since the last cigarette. You can do it. It’s hard as hell, but if you really want to, you can.


    • At seven months smoke-free now, I feel like I’ve won. I’m just hoping that after my surgeries are finished and life resembles normalcy that I don’t slip back into it.

      My husband is a chain smoker, he has the bad cough and I know it’s killing him, but, he won’t join me in quitting.

      I agree, cold turkey is the only way to do it! I chew a lot of sugarless gum now! 😉


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