OncoType DX

I received a phone call from a laboratory asking me if I wanted the OncoType DX test done on my tissue.  I did not understand what this was all about, I mean, my breast tissue was removed and already sent for tests at the time of the surgery, so I didn’t understand this at all and became suspicious.  I told the person that I needed to speak with my Oncologist before agreeing to anything.A quick call to my Oncologist office gave me to the male nurse who confirmed that the doctor had requested that this particular test be ran on the already removed and stored cancerous tissue from my breast.  I still was not sure what this test would prove, but, I agreed because I trusted my Oncologist.I contacted the Lab and talked with them about the cost, I was informed that if our household income is less than (can’t remember the number) we would qualify for a waiver of any remaining cost after our insurance pays their portion.  We’ll see…

Back to what this test is for, I did some research and found a downloadable pamphlet describing, in less than perfect detail, what this test may show.

From the pamphlet:

The Oncotype DX breast cancer test works by examining a sample of breast cancer. The test measures a group of breast cancer genes in this sample to see how active they are (also known as how they are expressed). The result of the test is reported as a number between 0 and 100, known as the Recurrence Score® result. A lower score means the cancer has a lower chance of returning, and a higher score means that there is a higher chance of the cancer returning…

You can download the pamphlet here if you want more information.


Thoughts on this?

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