Plastic Surgeon Pre-op Visit

Prior to this visit, I had worked extremely hard coordinating between the hospital, the breast surgeon and my insurance company to gain authorization for removal of BOTH breasts.  By the time I arrived at this 2nd visit to the plastic surgeon, I had received an authorization number, otherwise, I would have had to pay in advance what the insurance would not have covered.  

It was a stressful time. During the visit, the doctor had taken “before” pictures and some measurements, I’m sure it was for the surgical bra.  She also gave me a binder of post-op home care (those guidelines will be in another post) and prescriptions which included:

Emend – anti-nausea pill to be taken 90 min. prior to surgery
Kflex – an antibiotic
Percocet – pain killer
Premethazine – anti-nausea cream
Restoril – for sleep if needed. 
The next time I see my plastic surgeon will be after I awake from surgery.



Thoughts on this?

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