Chantix – Day Two

Day Two:

Read some research on how Chantix really works, here’s my layman interpretation – it blocks the receptors in the brain which nicotine and addiction feed.  So, when I smoke a cigarette, there is no pleasure.Actually, what I am finding is that it’s almost like forgetting that I ever was a smoker!  It’s like it’s blocking the triggers that would cause me to smoke.  I’m starting to feel like I felt years and years ago before I ever picked up my 1st cigarette… the mental-state of not being addicted.BUT – what I read is that it’s important to still smoke during the 1st week of treatment, I’m thinking that by doing so will train the brain that it really is not pleasurable to smoke.  I am feeling more positive about this than any other quit-method I ever tried before!!



Thoughts on this?

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