Keeping Busy

Updated Things To Do for Upcoming Week:

  1. Go grocery shopping
  2. Cook – 3 more meals for when the boys come & after they leave so I don’t have to cook
  3. Freeze the food I cook  for when I’m laid-up
  4. Clean off my desk – I’m more than 1/2 way finished
  5. Update finance files – I’m more than 3/4 way finished
  6. Shred papers
  7. Copy the CD imaging from the Breast Center to take with me to the Breast Surgeon.
  8. Finish Washing Guest Bedding &
    1. Dust the room &
    2. Wash the window & blinds
  9. Vacuum & Power Clean Guest Room Carpeting
  10. Set up Air Purifier in Guest Room
  11. Clean Toilets & Showers
  12. Vacuum, Dust, Clean the other rooms’ carpets
  13. Give thanks! 🙂



Thoughts on this?

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