Questions for Oncologist


Will she order an MRI for me prior to seeing the Breast Surgeon?  This will expedite this process.

  1. Who determines the order for a double mastectomy?  Will my extreme family history help in achieving this?
    1. Breast Cancer in Maternal family
      1. Mom
      2. Aunt
      3. Jenna – Niece
      4. Linda – Cousin
      5. Annette – Cousin
    2. Breast Cancer in Paternal family
      1. Agnes – Aunt ** died from the breast cancer
      2. Sally – Cousin
      3. Diana – Cousin ** died from the breast cancer
      4. Ginger’s daughter – Cousin
  2. What “STAGE” is my breast cancer?
  3. Will there be a BRC test ordered?
  4. Estrogen Blockers – concerned with side-effect of stroke – persons in family who had strokes:
    1. Maternal Grandmother – recovered (non-smoker)
    2. Maternal Uncle Frank – recovered (non-smoker)
    3. Maternal Aunt Jenny – died from stroke (non-smoker)
  5. Does she have any information on the benefits of an Alkaline Diet?

These are all of the questions I have so far, there are still a few more hours prior to my appointment, I may come up with more.


Thoughts on this?

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