Oncologist Visit

Things went extremely well.  I love the doctor!  She had familiarized herself with my situation, and was extremely well-organized with the information she shared.  The best news is that I will NOT have to go through chemo nor radiation, based upon the current test results!Her EXACT words were, “You have lucky stars aligned in your favor!”

Questions that she answered were:

Q:     Will she order an MRI for me prior to seeing the Breast Surgeon?
A:    No, since I want a mastectomy, there is no need for an MRI.

Q:    Who determines the order for a double mastectomy?  Will my extreme family history help in achieving this?
A:    This will depend upon the surgeon and my insurance company.
The family history will play a significant role in the decision.

Q:    What “STAGE” is my breast cancer?
A:     The “stage” will not be determined until after the surgery when all tissue will be examined/tested.
*** The Oncologist did say that my cancer was very, very, very small, a “smidgen”.

Q:    Will there be a BRCA test ordered?
A:     She did take saliva for the BRCA genetic testing, but I told her it will probably come back negative since everyone in my family who has had breast cancer was negative.  I then asked her why my family would be so susceptible to cancer but negative for the BRCA gene.  She simply explained that there has to be another gene that my family carries, that science has not yet discovered.  Makes sense to me.

Q:    Estrogen Blockers – I expressed my concern with the side-effect of stroke from estrogen-blockers because of family members who had strokes.
A:    Oncologist said that she would be leaning toward either Femara Oral, or Arimidex Oral, both of which have lesser side-effects and note associated with strokes.

Lots to do Thurday, but I am exhausted.  It was a very long day, the drive and since we arrived early, we had to wait a little more than an hour – waiting is so tiresome!  All in all, it was a terrific day!

**Note:  These are the two different choices of post-op drug therapy, I need to investigate their side-effect further, at least they don’t mention “stroke”:

Femara Oral:   http://www.webmd.com/drugs/drug-4363-Femara+Oral.aspx?drugid=4363&drugname=Femara+Oral

Arimidex Oral:  http://www.webmd.com/drugs/drug-4511-Arimidex+Oral.aspx?drugid=4511&drugname=Arimidex+Oral&source=1


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