Waiting for Prognostic Series of Biopsy Report

Spoke w/ Ashley (in the Lab Dept. at the hospital) this morning, explained that Valerie (another Lab Dept. employee)  had told me to call this morning to see if my prognostic series portion of the Biopsy report was available for pick-up. No, it was supposed to have arrived overnight or early this morning, she told me to check back after lunch.

Meanwhile, today’s things to do:

  • Double-check all documents and imaging CDs to take to the Oncologist tomorrow
  • Wash guest bedroom curtains
  • Finish checkbook, filing and shredding
  • Spray showers/tubs
  • Clean toilets
  • Definitely take a nap today, I stayed up way too late last night for the hockey game and couldn’t sleep afterward!  Go Hawks!

On another note, I ordered an air purifier for the guest bedroom for Ry, I’m so worried about his allergies out here.  The purifier will arrive tomorrow.